Project Champion

for Dynamics CRM 2011 Online & On-premise

Seepath Project Champion for CRM 2011 is now powered by Windows Azure


Project Champion™ is a full featured enterprise scale Project Management application that empowers the Project Manager to create, track and monitor Projects, Project task items, Resource scheduling, Time Entry and expenses as well as real time calculations of KPIs - project % complete, budget and revenue. This is a great CRM 2011 add-on product that is designed to work with Microsoft® Dynamics CRM 2011 Online as well On-premise environments. Project Champion is Windows Azure compatible and is powered by Windows Azure. Deploy a fully integerated solution in a matter of days. License Manager saves you  time, money and the headaches!.

  •  Easily create and track Projects, Project tasks, Timesheet, Expenses and Project Activities

  •  Schedule resources for the project task. Once scheduled, the resource calendar will reflect their time as busy.

  •  Project Calculations - Real time update of project % complete, revenue and other KPIs.

  •  Time Entry - Allow resources to enter billable and non-billable hours for the scheduled project task items.

  •  Expenses - Create and track expenses against project tasks

  •  Reports and dashboards

Project Tab:

Project Tab will display the project level details such as Customer, Opportunity, PM, Project Team, Est. Start date and Est. Project end date, Est.hours, Est.budget etc., It will also provide a summary of related records as below. These are displayed in a sub-tab that allows you to easily navigate to the specific item.

  •  Project Task Items

  •  Timesheet & Expenses

  •  Calculations- % of work complete, Revenue and Budget information  

Project Task Tab

This tab display the project task items that are related to each project such as Task Item, Item Group, Est. vs. Actual Start date, end date and Est. as well as actual % complete information.

  •  This will allow you to create project task items such as tasks and milestones for a project.

  •  It also allows you to schedule project resources against the tasks.

  •  As the project Task % complete is updated, the total project % complete is calculated automatically

Time Entry & Expenses:

The timesheet will reflect the Service Task and Appointments that are scheduled for the resources and allow them to enter the actual time against the project tasks.

  •  Resource can enter billable and non-billable hours.

  •  Expense tab provide the details such as Date, internal cost, selling cost etc., and allow you to tag the expense to a project and or project task item

Project Champion can easily be customized to fit your specific PMO requirements

Product Screeshots:

Project Tab Project Task Items Timesheet
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard