Seepath CRM for Private Equity (Capital Markets)

works with Dynamics 365 | CRM 2015 | CRM 2016 Online & On-premise

Seepath License Manager for CRM 2011 is now powered by Windows Azure

The Seepath Private Equity CRM™ is a complete CRM Solution for Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms that empower you to easily create, track, and manage your investments, Fund Raising Opportunities (Investor relations) as well as Client/Consultant relationships. Easy to use with powerful functionalities that allow you to get a 360 degree view of your Investment Deal Pipeline, LP Opportunities, Sector Research, Deals by Industry/Category (Mezzanine, LBO, VC, Growth Capital, Distressed Investments, Others etc.,) as well as keep track of all activities with your Clients/Consultants/Intermediaries via (email, phone calls, appointments, tasks etc.,).  You will have a complete view of your deals and LP opportunities from single touch point screen.



  • Investment Management (DEALS)

    Manage your Investments from Deal Origination, Deal Tracking through Deal Execution

    Track your Deals through various stages from lead to Due-diligence, Commitment & Pass

    Conduct Due-dilligence process early

    Track Deal Flow and Capital Calls within the same system.

    Investor Relations(LP Opportunity, Funds, Capital Calls)

    Efficiently manage Fund Raising LP Opportunities

    Create and Track LP Opportunities, LP Commitments, Capital Calls and Fees.

    Associate LP Opportunities to a Fund

    Match Fund Size to Opportunities

  • Financials

    Keep track of the Equity investments and financial information of the Portfolio Company

    EV, EBITDA, Equity Investment, Revenue, Debt & SWOT analysis

  • Companies & Contacts:

    Create and Manage Portfolio Company, Limited partner and Intermediary (Investment Banks, Accounting/Law Firms, Consulting Firms etc.,) all in a single system

    Build Team of Specialist and track contacts along with their resumes and other resourceful information.


Automatically create LP Commitments when a LP Opportunity is won

Keep track of your Deals at every stage – Lead, due-diligence, Termsheet, Commitment & Pass.


Connect and Collaborate with your Investors, Partners, Portfolio Companies and Intermediaries.

Market Data Integration

Options to integrate DOWJONES Investment Research data real-time

Document Management:

Create and Share Compliance Documents with your Clients/Team.

Integrations with SharePoint allow you to take advantage of specialist SharePoint functionalities.

Client/Consultant Relationship Management:

keep track of your Client/Consultant Relationships and interactions via email, phone calls, appointment, tasks and instant chats


Add management fees, board members and other options to various entities


Get up and running with your CRM for Capital Markets, Private Equity that’s tailored to your business in a matter of days not months or years!


Product Screesshots:

Deal Pipeline  Deal Flow Fund Raising Opportunity Tracking
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard