License Manager

for Dynamics CRM 2011 Online & On-premise

Seepath License Manager for CRM 2011 is now powered by Windows Azure


The License Manager automates the license renewal processes and enables you to track, monitor and manage all your customer license renewals efficiently. This Azure-aware product keeps track of all active licenses that are issued to your customers as well as all  upcomming license renewals.  When a license is due for renewal, License Manager creates a new order and the associated order details in CRM 2011 system based on the current license and notifies your team. License Manager choose the latest pricing from the customer pricelist for each product. It works seamless in the CRM 2011 Online as well as On-premise environements and can work for any industry. Deploy a fully integerated solution in a matter of days. License Manager saves you  time, money and the headaches!.


  •  Generate Quotes, Orders and Invoices on a periodic basis (for e.g. monthly, quarterly or yearly)    

  •  Price-lock: If the pricing is locked for the current order and subsequently when a price is changed for a product (in pricelist), the License Manager selects and applies the latest pricing information for that order.

  •  Calculations:  Apply discounts, tax, freight amount etc., per the current sales order as well as Quotes & Invoices.

  •  Option to generate quote only for specific Customers on license renewal date

  •   Easily manage any exceptions to the Licensing renewal process

  •  The new sales order is associated to the account and contacts

  •  This can also be used to generate health care claims, auto-bills etc., based on a tiered pricing model where product and unit price is selected based on a price range (for e.g. customer plan).

  •  Use cases – Track and monitor your product licenses ( Professional services),  generate claims(Health care), auto-billing (Telecom, Banking & Financial Services),  as well as work with a tiered product/pricing structure (Manufacturing) 

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Product Screeshots:

License Renewals  Custom quotes License Monitor
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online dashboard